Three cases of portable package design of fruit and vegetable

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Three cases of portable package design of fruit and vegetable

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Nowadays, the proportion of fruits and vegetables in people's daily diet structure is rising, but at present, the fruit and vegetable packaging is rather crude in China's market, regardless of appearance or structure, it is difficult to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. However, with the increase of consumers' demand for fruits and vegetables, their demand for fruit and vegetable packaging is also increasing. Miniaturization, quality, transparency, greening and other characteristics have become the trend of fruit and vegetable packaging in the future. Therefore, when designing packaging for fruits and vegetables, packaging enterprises should give full consideration to consumers' exact demand for fruit and vegetable packaging, and make fruit and vegetable packaging have the characteristics of easy portability, easy opening, beautiful appearance, and environmental protection.
This article will share three cases of convenient packaging design of fruit and vegetable, hoping to bring some inspiration to you.
Case 1: the design of orange portable packaging
1. structure design
The orange box type main portable packing is a cuboid, length, width and height dimensions with delicate appearance as the main basis of design, can meet the packaging as a gift box of capacity, but also can make consumers convenient to carry. The carton can be filled with 18 oranges with a diameter of 90mm, with a mass of about 3.6kg. The lid seal uses multiple folding and buckling mode, which can ensure good sealing performance, and convenient for consumers to open; the hand size and bearing the handle portion for adults is designed by two layers of cardboard to form double handle combination, consumers will not feel the weight in long time when lifted; the bottom of the box adopts a spring lock
The bottom design, without coating, is simple, economical, beautiful and fashionable, and has high supporting strength. The packaging material adopts E corrugated board, which has good cushioning performance and is easy to print.
2. decorating design
As this product is mainly located as a gift, the overall design of the package should be beautiful and delicate. Carton front with cartoon pictures, with a lively and lovely cartoon image of orange to consumers to convey a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, which can attract consumers, but also can transfer positive energy; product promotion propaganda by "a matter of conscience" homophonic "orange heart orange meaning, not only can outstanding enterprise sales philosophy again, to highlight the characteristics of products; the side of the carton cartoon image as a guide, explain the orange effect, convenient for consumers to make better understanding of the product box; the front left corner, clearly show the product brand" fresh fruit sink "3 words, so that consumers can directly identify the color of the box cover and the box bottom; the orange yellow, matching with the color of the product itself, give a person the feeling of all blend into one harmonious whole. The design of the orange portable package decoration is shown in Figure 1.
It is worth mentioning that there are 3 heart designs on the back of the carton, as shown in Figure 1 red box, which incorporates the idea of intelligent design, and consumers can identify the freshness of the products through the color change of the 3 patterns. The principle of intelligent design is to add chromotropic materials into printing ink. The color of the material will change with the change of the gas pH and the color of the heart pattern will change accordingly, so as to achieve the hinting effect. When the product is fresh, the heart pattern is orange and yellow. As time goes on, the heart pattern changes gradually to the transparent. The overall effect of the orange portable package is shown in Figure 2.
Case two: Cherry Tomatoes portable packaging design
1. structure design
The Cherry Tomatoes portable packaging carton is a rectangular body. Considering the short storage period of Cherry Tomatoes, the box type is relatively small, and the inside product is 1.5kg. This portable box, a handle part by double cardboard, in order to reduce consumers up after long time Le handle, implementation of the "people-oriented" design concept; the lock type carton top card design, can play a good role in sealing, and can omit adhesion process, environmental protection will do all the minor details; the bottom box at the bottom of the spring lock design, simple and economical, but also has a certain strength; the overall use of a paper forming process, saving materials, and green packaging materials; using the same E type corrugated cardboard buffer, good performance, easy printing.